WomensVCFund II makes investments in early stage (A/B), revenue-generating, high-growth companies led by management teams inclusive of women.

“We value ingenuity, insight and intelligence in our entrepreneurs and are highly selective to focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve real success.”

Early Stage

First institutional financing round at Series A/B after companies have completed significant angel/seed funding and are in bona fide market traction with revenues

Gender-Inclusive Management Team

Management teams inclusive of women and men that possess domain expertise, operating experience, a clear vision, and the ability to recruit and retain senior talent

West Coast

Pacific Northwest and California preferred as proximity to our entrepreneurs allows for a closer, more effective working relationship with portfolio companies


Three high growth sectors where women are important leaders, decision makers and consumers: Enterprise SaaS, Consumer Internet, and Educational Technology


High potential enterprises that can achieve significant revenue generation with relatively modest capital investment

High Growth and Scalable

Large market opportunity that addresses a demonstrable need with the ability to scale rapidly