The world has gone digital and the world has gone green. Women are at the forefront of embracing digital platforms and products that have exponential growth. Women are also embracing sustainability as the only way to live and enrich their lives, their families, their communities and the planet.

Digital Media

Given the universal embrace of digital media and the evolution of technologies, platforms, products and services, the WVCF has identified a myriad of women-centric opportunities in Software Solutions, Mobile Products, Social Media, and Digital Content.

The WVCF sees huge, scalable potential for entrepreneurs who are creating more convenient, mobile ways for women to stay connected, informed and entertained; protect their identity, family and property; and provide tools to service their needs related to travel, budgeting, home and car maintenance, shopping and learning .

While most venture funds for digital media target 18-34 year-old males, the largest market – and the one poised for exponential growth — is women and families. Women entrepreneurs are designing what women consumers as both online users and family gatekeepers are seeking – programs, platforms and content that are informative, fun, engaging, intuitive and, above all, practical.


Women express a great need to be healthy and have demonstrated their strong sense of responsibility for families, communities, and the environment. They question everything they eat, wear, use and live in. Salt, sugar, processed food, meats, pesticides, waste and chemicals are of concern to a large number of families. The time is now to create products and services that address these needs. Previously, consumer products and services were not considered high growth and did not attract venture capital. However, given the huge societal shift in women’s wants and influence, we believe that there is now a major opportunity to create wealth in this sector.

Going green, living local, minimizing our footprint and emphasizing preventative care are increasingly important to women and their families. Innovative products and services that are good for the environment and that improve healthy living will meet burgeoning consumer demand and merit new patents and intellectual property.